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What separates HVAC Distributors, Inc. from the competition are the services we provide to our customers. Our team is prepared to assist our customers every step of the way to ensure jobs are smooth and hassle-free.

Our HVAC team will assist you through the design/build process, and once the order is placed, our customer service representative tracks it for you, notifying you if there is a delay. With HVAC Distributors, there’s no more waiting at a jobsite hoping your order shows up.

Additionally, rooftop delivery to your jobsite is standard practice for HVAC. You tell us when and where you want them delivered, and an HVAC flatbed trailer will arrive at the jobsite with your rooftops loaded, making the lifting and placement of each system effortless.

Commercial HVAC Design/Build Services

What separates HVAC Distributors, Inc. from the competition is that we help our customers win! Whether we’re reviewing specifications, assisting with designs, troubleshooting at jobsites, training our customers or creating submittals, we want you to succeed. Our team is prepared to assist our customers every step of the way to ensure jobs are smooth and hassle-free.  

Our Application Group provides assistance for:
  • Commercial boilers and domestic hot water
  • Energy recovery
  • Humidification
  • Industrial heating and make-up air
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Variable Refrigerant System Layout
  • Closed-loop and geothermal heat pumps
  • De-humidification
  • Fan sizing and selection
  • Hydronic specialties, including pump and circulator sizing
  • Infrared heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air Distribution Sizing
  • Solar Hot Water Sizing

Commercial HVAC Plan/Spec Services

Our in-house estimators are focused entirely on providing timely bids for the commercial HVAC plan/spec market. HVAC Distributors, Inc. is a proud member of numerous industry associations – which gives us online access to hundreds of projects out for bid – and allows us to provide you with prompt and accurate estimates. If your project is not available online, we can provide bids from blueprints, too.

As an added service, if we are awarded the bid, HVAC Distributors will provide submittals and operation manuals free of charge.

Commercial HVAC Products

HVAC Distributors provides our clients with one of the most comprehensive commercial product lines in our market area. We carry many unique products to help you meet all your controls, heating, ventilation and cooling requirements.

For a list of the products available, download our Commercial Line Card.


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