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HVAC Distributors Web Order Entry
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Web Order Entry Overview

Web Order Entry

HVAC Distributors Web Order Entry system is a convenient way to manage all aspects of the product ordering process from job planning to ordering to reconciling invoices:

  • See your customer-specific pricing and real-time inventory levels for in-stock items. In-stock items ordered online before 5 PM EST will be shipped to you for the next business day.

  • Bookmark your frequently ordered or frequently matched products to save time during the order process. Instead of searching for items you order all the time, you can create Product Groups so your frequently ordered items are only a click away. Product Groups can also be used to bookmark products that should be ordered together so you have everything you need to do an install or repair.

  • Reconcile jobs and invoices without having to wait on the phone to speak to someone. Web Order Entry shows invoices for all orders placed with HVAC Distributors by your company whether by phone, fax or web order. You can review all orders placed with HVAC Distributors at your convenience, rather than having to call during business hours to inquire about purchase orders.

  • Access Web Order Entry on your smart phone through HVAC MobileSales®.
    HVAC MobileSales is the app version of Web Order Entry for your Apple or Android mobile device. You must be registered for Web Order Entry to use HVAC MobileSales.

Web Order Entry and HVAC MobileSales are simple to use. Get started by filling out the form below to sign up!

Web Order Entry Sign Up

Account Information
A valid account is required to obtain Web Order Entry access.
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Acknowledgement Receipt

Terms & Conditions

Web Order Entry accounts are for active customers of HVAC Distributors, Inc., dba HVAC Distributors Group, dba GBG only ("HVAC Distributors"). HVAC Distributors reserves the right to discontinue web order access for customers that do not actively purchase products from HVAC Distributors over a calendar year.

Web Order Entry accounts require a SuperUser who administers the account to provide employees at the company with access to web order entry at the access level determined by the company. HVAC Distributors is not responsible for monitoring employment status or access level of Web Order Entry users. It is the company's responsibility to notify HVAC Distributors if a SuperUser leaves employment of the company so the SuperUser's access to corporate Web Order Entry accounts can be removed and a new SuperUser can be designated for the company.

Any adjustments to the terms and conditions of HVAC Distributors' Web Order Entry service will be made following a thirty (30) day notice of change of terms to all active customers via current address on record with HVAC Distributors.

By signing or submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have the authority to commit your company to this relationship with HVAC Distributors and that you understand the terms and conditions outlined above.


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